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The Atlas unit heaters have a big heart: a coil that has been conceived, designed and manufactured specifically for heating industrial environments. The thickness of the pipes, steel as standard, the diameter (Ø 22 mm) and the excellent ratio between the flow-rate of air and the heat output guarantee long life and exceptional comfort.

The Atlas unit heaters are made in 10 sizes, with heat outputs from 5 to 120 kW, and are available with 1 row coils for steam or high-temperature water systems, 2 row coils for hot water systems and 3 row coils for low-temperature hot water systems. They can be installed on the wall and on the ceiling.

A vast range of accessories, such as additional ducts for taking in outside air and recirculation, flanges, motors with IP 55 protection, explosion-proof motors, multifunction controls with room thermostat, non-standard configurations (special voltages, special pipes) ensures the right solution in all situation