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Sky Star Cassette

Sky Star Cassette

Innovative and fascinating design, seven different models, high control flexibility, ease of maintenance: the SKYSTAR water cassette is the result of significant technical and design research focused on providing an avant-garde product in terms of performance, low noise and control flexibility.

SkyStar ECM series uses an innovative brushless electric motor controlled by an inverter card that varies the air flow continuously by means of a 1-10 V signal generated by Sabiana controls (version SK-ECM-IR) or by independent controllers (version SK-ECM). The extreme efficiency, also at a low speed, makes possible a great reduction in electric consumption (more than 75% less in comparison to a traditional motor) with absorption
values, under normal operating conditions, that are no greater than 10 Watt in the entire range.

The dimensions of the first sizes are designed to fit into 600x600 mm false-ceiling modules, while the larger sizes, measuring 800x800 mm, stand out for their low noise and the excellent price-performance ratio

Each model can be supplied with a single coil (two pipe system) and electric heater, or with two coils (four pipe system). The fresh air can be mixed with the ambient air and distributed into separate rooms. All the sizes have 6 speed fans, with 3 speeds connected electrically, so as to extend operating flexibility even during the commissioning of the installation.

The condensate drain pump is very silent and has a maximum discharge head of 650 mm.

As well as the traditional temperature and speed control systems, the fan speed can be varied automatically, multiple units can be managed from just one control panel, and the control board for each unit can be installed in a remote position as to simplify service operations. In addition, each unit can be managed by remote control. The units can also be controlled by the most common building management and supervision systems. Finally, various types of valves are available (two and three way, 24 V, modulating 0-10 V).