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Brass Manifolds

Brass Manifolds

The Module manifolds of the 822MM, 822MR, 822MME, 822MRE series allow building up systems for distributing.

The heat carrier fluid to heating and air conditioning installations (above all for radiant panel heating systems).

 The manifolds are available with NTP threading and in the following versions:

  • Head connections 1"MF, 1 1/4"MF
  • Side outlet connections 1/2"M, 3/4"M, 3/4"M EUROCONUS.

The manifolds are provided with :

  • Profited O-ring to allow easy assembly of the manifolds by ensuring water tightness without resorting to conventional means (sealing with hemp).
  • Locking nut which also allows correct alignment between the side outlet connections.
  • Control devices in series 822MM, and shut-offs in series 822MR hence reducing space required
    for installation and allowing control of each single circuit